Stories of Eye Loss

Finding out that you are about to lose your eye is a terrible shock for most people. The fear of the unknown makes things even worse. You may not know what life will be like with one eye.

While nothing can take away the natural shock and grief that comes with this circumstance. There is a lot we can do about the fear. Information helps people feel more confident about their future.

On this page we hope to gather stories of eye loss from all over the world. These are stories of eye loss recoveries and lives that can be wonderful despite this set back.

These stories may not just benefit people who have recently lost an eye. It is possible to live a whole life having an artificial eye and never meeting anyone else who also has one.

These days artificial eyes can go unnoticed - which is just what you want. You may even have met someone else with an artificial eye and not even known it. Such circumstances can leave people feeling a little isolated. Maybe these stories can ease that feeling just a little.

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