Stay beautiful- Osmanie’s Story

Stay beautiful- Osmanie’s Story

I’ve been living with an artificial eye since I was in the first grade; that’s when my accident happened. I’m currently 16 writing this so its been quiet a while since my accident.

Long story short so basically I wanted to stay with my brother at the near house. Till this day I regret going cause if I just listened to my Mom where she said “don’t go with him stay inside”, who knows I might have both of my eyes. Okay so this part of the accident is blurred  cause I don’t remember how this happened but somehow my brother threw a stick on my eye when he was trying to hit the squirrel with the stick. Next thing you know there’s blood and me going to the hospital on a helicopter.

I spent the rest of my 1st grade year in the hospital. Going to doctor appointments to get my eye made. So far I’ve only had 2 eyes made for me. I even still have the one I had as a kid. Sadly I’ve never met anyone with an artificial eye like myself but I have a long life ahead of me so who knows who I might meet.

If your a person reading this and facing eye loss I want to say that it might be hard to get used to the fact that you only have one eye but trust me at some points you will forget you even had one. And don’t think your not beautiful because you have an artificial eye cause half of the time people don’t even know I have one and would say how pretty I am and stuff . I never believe them just because I have confidence issues but I know I’m getting stronger and stronger where I’m going to learn to love myself.

One last thing this might be a really tough spot for you right now but know this is going to make you more stronger than you’ll every imagined. Its not going to be easy but in the long run your going to look back and be proud of how much you accomplished.

Stay beautiful my people bye 👋❤