Wow what an amazing medical wonder for my son-Angela

My son who is now 15years old was born with many complications and a huge haemorrage behind the right eye, in which the Retina was detaching the Dr’s inserted (like an air bubble) to correct the retina.Keeping him upright in every hour of his 3 days we then realised it didn’t work and the Retina detached. Therefore he was to be blind in one eye for the rest of his life.
Upon growing up and getting bigger his face was quite sunken on one side as the blind eye was slow in growing alongside with his working eye. It was quite late in the stage of my sons life when he was 12yrs old as we didn’t know anything like this option was available. We then heard of someone called an Ocularist in Adelaide who said he could help him and to make a scleral shell that sits on his blind eye to make the structure of his face seem in proportion. He still would not be able to see out of his blind eye but would wear something that looks his other eye and at a normal size.
Wow what an amazing medical wonder for my son, he had an operation to measure for the eye. Then we proceeded with several appointments for matching his eye colour and fit of the eye area. He still has various appointments and then an operation once a year to get a bigger one fitted until my son is fully grown into adult hood his facial structure particularly around the eyes is so much better and he has become a very handsome young man.
Thanks be to God for the opportunity in these wonderful Ocularists and Drs that make if happen for people who have one eye.
I would recommend anyone to visit their Ocularist as they will make your life a very positive life change for you too.

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