When I Lost My Eye – Tony Henfrey

Tony Henfrey

Tony Henfrey

After meeting so many people who have experienced eye loss I have found that while there are aspects to peoples stories that are similar, everyone has a different story and deal with eye loss in their own personal way.

When an eye is removed as a result of ocular melanoma, the symptoms can be minimal and the diagnosis can be devastating. Often the best treatment for melanoma in the eye is to have the eye removed while the tumour is still encapsulated.

Once you make the decision to have the eye removed it is understandable that you would want it done A,S,A,P. Unfortunately, as a result of congested theatre lists, the surgery can be delayed and the patient has the further fear of a melanoma waiting to metastasise.

These are just some of the fears Tony Henfrey confronted when he lost his left eye in February 2008. You can read his full story from his web site here

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