I Still Love To Play Sport – Bruce’s Story

I was 12 years old in the spring of 1972. My older brother and I were playing basketball in the woods behind our house.

The net was mounted to a big oak tree and a 3 foot stick was used for the marker line.

We started to fight but being much smaller I decided to run away to avoid a beating.

My brother picked up the marker stick and through it at me just as I turned my head back to see where he was.

It punctured my left eye and my brother with great shame helped me home.

I was in the hospital 27 days. The doctor said I would be home in 3 days and everything would be fine.

After 10 years of operations and millions of eye drops the eye finally said enough is enough.

I had it removed when I was 25. I have not felt sorry for myself once over this eye, only for my brother. That is what hurts me the most.

I think to this day he feels terrible about it and has lived his life thousands of miles away just to avoid seeing me and constantly feeling the guilt.

I have told him it doesn’t effect my life at all and I am in sales now and I don’t need 2 eyes for that.

I was one of the top athletes in my school at the time of the accident. I won every track and field event.

I played football, hockey, baseball, and lacrosse. But after the accident my parants didn’t want me to play contact sports anymore, for fear of losing another eye.

I didn’t for a couple years but decided that I just had to play. I was determined to be as good or better than anyone with 2 eyes. And I was, and that gave me respect and confidence.

There was name caling and there still is but mostly all in fun.
I am 50 years old now, and I have been playing hockey since I was 16.

I wear a full face plastic sheild, and have never come close to having another eye injury in Hockey. I have great hand eye cordination and better than most people.

I had the highest batting average in youth baseball, usually one of the top scorers in our league and team in hockey. Most people can’t can’t believe I have one eye.

I am older and slower now but still love to play.

My advice to anyone is don’t ever beleive you can’t do something just because your friend, your teacher, your parants, your boss, your coach, or anyone says you can’t.

I have heard it way to many times and even to my own astonishment, I did do it and what are they talking about?

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