I just received my prosthetic eye 3 days ago-Lizzy

I just received my prosthetic eye 3 days ago-Lizzy

Good day everyone, I’m Lizzy.. I just received my prosthetic eye 3 days ago.

Still getting use to it but I’m very very happy about how I look now.

Like everyone here I lost my one eye 12 years ago, (the left one) I was 14 that time.

Growing up in the Philippines being a teenager and you loose one eye is hard.

Lots of things you can hear from other people. Other call you blind, or kirat that’s the term when you have one small eye than the other.

But those things doesn’t let me down. I stay positive and hope one day that everything will be alright.

When I loose my eye, the doctor there offered me about glass eye but it will cost too much for my family that time. Now Im living here in Australia, My husband and I seek about prosthetic eye.

My GP referred me to Dr. Raf In Sydney. Last September 10, 2014 I had my destroyed eye removed in Sydney eye Hospital by Dr. Raf Gabhrial.

After 6 weeks, he referred me to Dr. James Morphett.I have to wait 2 weeks to see him cause scheduled ain’t fit .

Waiting for 8 weeks is long time, then I have to wait for another week cause my eye socket drops a bit so he did some adjustment to it.

In my mind if I can wait for 12 years I can wait for another one week. It’s worth waiting for!!! He did such amazing job and it look like just exactly as my other eye.

My husband can’t believe how he does it.

Thanks heaps to all the Ocularist who is helping people like me to change their life.

And to all people who have loose their eye, life doesn’t stop when you loose one eye, we are lucky cause we still have one eye.

Never stop believing in hope, everything will be alright one day!!

thanks for reading this, cheers!


  1. Avatar for Darren Hall Darren Hall on August 12, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    Hello from Canada! Lizzy- I am very happy to hear that you are so pleased with your new look! Although we have not seen each other for a very long time, James is a great friend of mine. We met many years ago at a meeting in Chicago, US.
    From opposite ends of the world, we are all connected!
    Keep positive, stay focused and live life to the fullest; overcome any adversity or obstacle that life throws at you!
    It’s your shout James!
    Darren Hall, BADO, BCO

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