cute story (as silly as that sounds) – Barry Marks

When I was 16 and living in the Bronx I was hit in the eye with an
automobile antena that was used as a weapon back then. I lost the sight in
my left eye. Other than having a problem chasing fly balls and shooting pool
I really did not notice a diffeence. It was 40 years later that I became
aware of the partial loss of my peripheral vision.
10 years ago my daughter lost the vision in her left eye due to brain
She was 27 at the time and you would have thought that this would have been
traumatic. After being in the hospital for close to 3 weeks the surgeon sat
with her to explain the damage that was done because of the tumor.
He gave her a laundry list of defects that she will live with. The last
thing he told her was that she would not regain the vision in her left eye.
Her response was “My father has not seen out of his left eye in 40 years and
his only handicap is his personality”. That attitude made it worthwhile for
my misfortune.
BTW I am now 67 and I found this web sight looking for information about
seeing out of one eye. This the first time ever that I did research.
Barry Marks

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