Katrina’s Story

I was 6 when I lost my eye-I am now 41 so I know no different.

I lost it in an accident involving a bow and arrow. Following 12 months of operations, it
was finally removed and an artificial one made.

As a child I needed a new one made every year or two as my socket grew and changed.

Living overseas, it meant a trip back to the UK for an extended period of time periodically.

When I settled in Sydney, I found a new ocularist, Jim, who is an absolutely amazing person who does an exceptional job.

I’ve had to have several surgeries since the initial one on the socket to put a larger implant in and
on the upper lid to fix some drooping, including one recently.

Life with an artificial eye can be tough and from time to time you tend to think “why me”
but we’re so lucky now with the new prosthesises as they’re so life like.

About the only thing I can’t do is see 3D – even with the glasses!

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