Baby I Was Born This Way – Frank’s Story

045I’m a cancer survivor and I’m proud of it.
Hi guys, my name is Frank and this is my story.
At the innocent age of 3 months, I was diagnosed with having eye cancer, known as Retinoblastoma.
My right eye was removed and the left one was treated and saved with radiation therapy.
Due to the intense treatment on the left eye, I lost a fair bit of sight in that eye.
But hey, some sight is better than none at all.
The advantage of losing sight at such a young age is you cant miss something you have never had.
It is so IMPOTANT to educate ourselves and others about this form of cancer.
I was not educated enough about my condition, leaving me embarrassed and shy to talk about it to anyone.
As we are all human, and very curious creatures, we ask questions
When someone would ask me, What happened to your eye?
Due to my feelings of embarrassment, I would say with my head down that I had a car accident or would say it’s none of your business.
I’m 43 years of age now, and I only stated to be honest with my condition over the last 3 years.
So please don’t do what I did and suffer in silence. Speak out and be proud because baby I was born this way.


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