Causes of Eye Loss

Microphthalmia / Anophthalmia

When beautiful baby girl Ava was born with microphthalmia, her mother Tracy started searching the internet for information about the condition. From a story she wrote about Ava, Tracy writes:

Onto Google I typed “Baby born with small eye” and up came all these really long names such as Microphthalmia. After reading about it, Microphthalmia was what fitted Ava’s eye condition, I thought to myself, how am I going to remember all this medical jargon and learn to say “Microphthalmia.”

Tracy recommends the Yahoo group on Microphthalmia.  To write messages you will need to go through several steps to join Yahoo Groups first. 


Please refer to our retinoblastoma resources.

Janet Shaw is the author of a wonderful autobiography Beyond the Red Door. In her book she talks about her life and experiences after being diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma as a child.

Janet has created a set of links to useful sites for more information: Retinoblastoma

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