I Do Believe In Angels – Michael’s Artificial Eye Story

It was in the summer of 1967 my two brothers and I were in the yard of our grandparents property. That day our beloved grandma took us shopping at the famous Webb’s City in down-town St. Petersburg, Florida. We each came home that fateful day with our very own bow & arrow set. They were fibreglass bows, 45lbs draw, complete with arrows!

Now at the time I was 9 yrs old going on 10. My other brothers were 2yrs apart, one 8 the other 12. We got out in the yard looking for something to shoot. My oldest brother was shooting at a birds nest up in an oak tree. At the time I was sitting on the ground enjoying a lap full of loquats off to one side. I was sitting there looking up watching when all of a sudden I felt something smash forcefully into my face!!! I felt my heart race wildly as I jumped up and ran into the house screaming scott shot me with an arrow. My grandpa was relaxed in his recliner watching the Lawrence Welk show. He just waved me on saying “go on in the bathroom Mikey and get a washrag!”  Well about 10 minutes later my dad rushed over in his convertible Starfire, Oldsmobile. He ran every red light to there! Got me to Palms of Pasadena Hospital, where they flew a specialist from texas and removed my eyeball.

Thats how I lost my right eye. I’ve had the same one all these years. The colors faded some but it suits me fine. The doctors told my parents upon looking over the xray of the path of the arrow as it entered my head that apprximately a fraction of an inch the arrow would have hit my brain, killing me or rendering me retarded for life. And yes I do believe in angels. The end.


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