Artificial Eye Resources

This site has been established by ocularists to provide relevant information and support for people who require an artificial eye.

Adapting and Adjusting to Eye Loss

If you or someone close to you is dealing with eye loss, you might like to check out these resources:

The mind map is the starting point for a lot of information ranging from the operation involved in having an eye removed through to the practicalities of living with an artificial eye. We hope you find this useful.


We have compiled for you the best information we can find on artificial eyes, this includes brochures, books and links to relevant sites. You'll find this on our resources page.

We Value Your Feedback

Please take your time and have a good look through the site. lnformation is regularly reviewed and updated by our member ocularists. We value your feedback and contibutions, so if you think there is something we could add to improve the site please let us know.