Hijacking eye loss- Melanie

Hijacking eye loss- Melanie

Hi, I would like to share our story with others.

Myself and my partner Debbie were shot in a hijacking in Johannesburg SA about 5 years ago and she was shot in the head.

She is alive and doing amazingly well for the last 4 years but she had to have her left eye removed recently as a result.

Although the eye has been blind since the incident it feels like we are having to relive our harrowing experience all over again, but we know that just like the first time our faith will carry us through.

We will go through the artificial eye process a second time soon and we will once again be able
to enjoy this precious life that we have been given.

Through all this bad we learnt the most valuable lesson and that is the one of true appreciation and living life with no regrets.

Regards Melanie

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