I had my first game of golf last Wednesday-John

I had my first game of golf last Wednesday-John

The arm of my glasses fell off and whilst waiting for it to be replaced, had an eye test to see if I needed new glasses.

As it turned out I didn’t. It was suggested I have a Test for Glaucoma. The resulting picture of my left eye showed an abnormality. This was diagnosed as a melanoma of 27mm in length.

I had no option other than to have my left eye removed. Bear in mind, I was absolutely asymptomatic and had I not broken my glasses the melanoma in my eye would not have been found until it was too late. I have been very lucky.

I had the operation on the 19th of August and I am coping very well. I had my first game of golf last Wednesday (11thSeptember) and played to my handicap which I haven’t done for months with two eyes.I’m driving my car, and living a quite normal life.My family have been very supportive and I have no regrets about having the eye removed when one considers the alternative.

I hope to have my artificial eye in place in five weeks or so, and really life goes on as before. Having the eye removed certainly has not been the trauma I thought it would be. I was probably reassured by speaking to a couple of people who had had an eye removed, so coping was quite easy.

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