Good luck to every one – Anna

imageWhen I was 5.5 years old I lost my left eye playing with my younger brother 3.5 years old. A sharp knife picked my eye.
I lost complete the vision because the knife went right to the retina of my eye, At age 16 I decided to remove and have a prosthetic eye which looked much better than what I have before. At age 23 I change again the prosthetic eye in Greece. For better
material and better look .

In 2009 my eye dr send me to the best prosthetic eye center in Boston MA.
They did very good job ,I was so happy and fell beautiful doesn’t matter I did see at all. After 3 year I went back to adjust
The color of my eye is so difficult to match, took them 3 days to make me happy. I recommend them 100%. Sure
I am 44 years old married with a son 5.5 years old .
My husband loves me and never told me about my eyes.
I do wear nice make up all the time to cover my eye because my eyelid is dropping little down. I feel comfortable with my prosthetic eye no pain and easy to clean I just use water .

Good luck to every one

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