I was a victim of domestic violence- Mia

I was a victim of domestic violence- Mia

Mia-BioI was eleven years old when I lost my left eye. I was a victim of domestic violence, My mothers boyfriend Used a glass vase and cut my mother, myself and my sister. I remember jumping on his back and trying to stop him from hitting my mother. He used the hand with the vase to move me off his back and stabbed me.

It all happend so fast, I remember feeling something dripping off my face I knew I wasnt crying when I realized it was blood I instantly started looking for my eye. Then I went to the bathroom, it was still there, just cut badly. I called 911 and they came and rushed me to the hospital. They couldnt save my eye I had emergency surgery.

It was hard, But I did not let that stop me. I still wonder why it had to happen but I am 34 years old now. And I have learned to live with it. I still have affects from it, like swelling and irritation, but I am thankful to be alive. I am hoping to get a New prosthetic very soon.

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