It was in 1999 when I lost my eye sight at the peak of my career and at the midst of my journey. That time I was working in one of the TV Stations in town. For me, it was really a ‘Dream-Come-True.’.
But as the song goes, “Some Good Things Never Last;” I started to see rainbows around every single light in the studio. Severe headache, eye redness… little did I know that those were symptoms of Glaucoma…
My left eye was already damaged. After several operations, I was advised by the Doctor not to go back to work anymore.
That was the time when I came to have a deeper relationship with the Lord. I was invited to be a part of the Youth Ministry in our Parish. I was already ‘Low Vision then. Equipped with only 1 eye; I gave Acting Workshops and wrote several scripts for the young people in the Ministry.
I got married in 1995. Four years after our marriage, I woke up one morning seeing nothing but darkness. No colors, no shapes… nothing. My husband Tom rushed me to the hospital and after staying in that room for more than a month; I heard a very strong voice from my doctor, “JO, WALA KA NG PAG-ASA.” (there is no hope)
I could not explain how I felt that time. It was the saddest and lowest moment of my life.
A week after we left the hospital, my husband saw the invitation of ATRIEV Computer School for the Blind on TV. “How could that be?” I asked myself. Hoping against hope, the following day, I inquired and found ATRIEV. I was fortunate to belong to the 1st Batch of students.

Now, I work from home as the Official Transcriptionists for the Philippine Olympic Committee and the Head Writer of our Parish Newsletter.
My husband and I are the Chaircouple of PREX (Parish Renewal Experience) in the Diocese of Antipolo.
The knowledge that I got from ATRIEV brought me to where I am today. Being the President of The Board of Trustees of ATRIEV is far beyond my imagination.
Truly, when God closes His Door, He opens His windows.

Today, equipped with the technology, having the assurance of love and care from my friends and family, acceptance from the society and light and hope coming from the Almighty, I know that I have a mission to fulfill and that is to be an inspiration to others and make a difference into someone else’s lives.
Please…Join me in my journey in helping the blind see a brighter future.

With much hope,
Jo G. Olorocisimo
President, ATRIEV Computer School for the Blind
0916 5941095, 02 7254191, jo.prex.atriev@gmail.com

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