Never give up just because I had monocular vision- John Kneipp

Never give up just because I had monocular vision- John Kneipp


My wife(Anne) and youngest son(Philip) who lives in Japan 2013

Thank you for this opportunity. I am 61 years of age .I was a dumb kid and fell on a steel nail file when I was 4 years old, piercing the lens and retina of my left eye. I was fortunate to be treated at the time by a wonderful surgeon by the name of Cecil Baker in Tamworth NSW. I retained the damaged eye until I was about 20 and it was removed and my first artificial eye was made by Ken Dwyer in Sydney in 1973.
During the intervening years I have completed a Science degree and worked as an agricultural scientist for 40 years. I was awarded a scholarship to study in USA for 6 months in 1992. I am the holder of a private pilots licence, a heavy vehicle drivers licence, a boat drivers licence. These activities always terrified my poor old mum ( deceased ) but my attitude was never to give up just because I had monocular vision. There are a lot of people worse off than me .

I am unsure whether my eye loss at a young age gave me some advantage to adjust and it seemed that the only disadvantage was at some fast moving ball sports which I soon gave away when my sister defeated me at tennis. I am forever grateful to surgeons, doctors, ocularists and other dedicated people who have helped me .

I have not used these sites before but thank you for being able to tell my story and encourage those who have a similar experience that life goes on with a few adjustments.

Thank you.

John Kneipp

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