Keep your chin up… you will be fine -Tanya

Keep your chin up… you will be fine -Tanya

thomas-day-005Hi I’m Tanya. I lost the sight in my left eye at 19years old as an innocent bystander, after a bar fight broke out when I was working as a barmaid back in 1989. Dr Morphett was a guardian angel. He helped me through more than he will ever know.

As you can imagine at the age of 19, losing sight and having some major scars from having a schooner glass smash against your face, wasn’t an easy thing to deal with. I had great family and friend support and a great team of Doctors who all networked me through the challenge.

I work in child care and have often had children and adults ask me what my scars are from. Talking openly about what has happened and accepting it is all apart of the healing process. I have managed to achieve all of my life goals including driving, university degree, and a family just as good as I would have with 2 eyes.

It is now an eveyday part of me. It takes time to adjust, but you do. You learn little ways to help you get through eg: I now know that there is always another bottom stair to climb down even if my vision tells me there isn’t, and that if I sit at the end of the table with my good eye on the side of everyone I can see everything and everyone ( yes you will often see me rushing into the restuarant before others to reserve my spot). I can now walk down the street and look at someone and pick straight away that they have a glass eye just from looking at them. It is surprising just how many of us do….Keep your chin up… you will be fine 🙂

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