Remain positive and never let anyone get under your skin-Arriel

imageAt the age of 9 months I was diagnosed with Retino Blastoma ( Cancer of the eye) in my left eye. The doctors caught it fast and were able to remove my eye without me having to go through chemotherapy or radiation. I was blessed with such a great occularist Dr. Robert Brown. He was able to sit and look at me and create a new eye for me that looks so real. I have had my prosthetic all of my life and I am 30 years old. If I met someone today that was losing their eye I would tell them to remain positive and never let anyone get under your skin about it. I would also tell them to embrace their new eye, tellas many people as God will allow you to. You never know who you might touch by Sharing what you went through. When I first got my prosthetic I was a baby so.

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