Keearne Baylis – Microophthalmia And I’m A Normal Girl

Keearne Baylis – Microophthalmia And I’m A Normal Girl

My name is Keearne and I’m turning nine next week. I got my glass (acrylic) eye after I was born with microophthalmia. That meant that my eye wouldn’t grow any more. I was very lucky because I got my artificial eye when I was seven months old. Even if my real eye did grow I would still be blind in that eye.

A long time ago when I was two. I was at the circus and my eye hurt. Mum took it out and put it on the car. She put me in the car seat and drove off. The eye was on the road and people were screaming. Someone ran over it. We had to make a quick trip to Paul and Jennys to fix things up.

It isn’t very hard to look after your artificial eye. Maybe if I grow and it gets too small – then it might fall out. They are very easy to take out. I think I am lucky that I’ve got a glass eye and not something else.

When I was at my first school I can’t really remember how the kids were. At the second school people used to tease me. People kept trying to bully me. I kept saying, “Don’t tease! It’s not nice to be mean – it makes you a bully.”

I’d like to say to people who are getting a new eye – don’t be scared one little bit. Your fears will just get to you. It’s like trying any new thing – like roller skating – you might fall over – but you just get up again.

I’ve had my glass eye my whole life. It hasn’t stopped me from doing one thing. Well except being able to see out of that eye. But really, I am a normal girl!

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