I am anticipating the day she asks about my eyes-Joanne

imageI first injured my eye when i was just 4 years old, playing with my cousins… I got a stone thrown at me and as a result had traumatic glaucoma…. In and out of Sydney Eye Hospital trying everything under sun. To make matters worse, when i was 8, as any child would, i ran with a stick in hand… And low and behold jabbed my eye. Yes, it is not nice being poked in the eye with a blunt stick 🙂

So, They removed the eye. As a child of 9. I never once got taunted or teased at school, i am not great at sports but never was anyway – just clumsy really. I CAN catch a ball, I CAN drive, I CAN tell you how far away things are. Depth perception is almost perfect. The only thing i miss out on is 3D, which I Have to admit i would like to see just once.

You learn which way to turn your head for photos and how much to open your ‘good’ eye so you look like every other joe blow in photos

I am now a 32 year old Mum…. My daughter is only 1, but already i am anticipating the day she asks about my eyes. Its only normal to ask.

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