I was born with Micropthalmia in my left eye- Kaylee- age 15

I was born with Micropthalmia in my left eye. That pretty much means I have a small eye and no pupil. There is NO fixing my eye. It was so far ahead that the doctors had no idea how to fix it, now its way to late to even try anything. I am 15 years old now. I have never been able to see normal, I can see only out of my right eye, and my vision is getting worse. I have a prosthetic eye now.

People notice it, but they just think it’s a lazy eye. I use to get bullied nonstop at my old school. Everyone called me a freak. I finally moved to a new school where I could start fresh. It was going good for awhile until a few weeks ago someone asked me about it. They said someone from my old school told them.

They were astonished.

They thought it was amazing.

They didn’t think it was weird.

They bugged me for awhile to take it out and show them.

Today I finally did. I was so embarrassed about it that I even thought I was a freak. I started to believe everyone else. I learned that this is what makes me stand out. I’m still learning to get use to others thinking my eye is “cool” and “amazing.” I’m still trying to think so myself. You cant let others bring you down for something that makes you stand out, that makes you you. Be proud in it.

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