Mike Murray – Some Thoughts

Mike Murray – Some Thoughts

For someone who is about to commence the treatment, may I say that that person is about to receive a fantastic, passionate service that is second to none and that he or she should feel very confident about that.

From a personal point, sometimes (in the early stages) one may feel that having an artificial eye is just so detectable, but in fact it is NOT!!! So many of my friends and family find difficulty in deciding which one it is!!

For cleaning purposes, I have found that I only have to take it out and rinse with running water and this may only be once a month or if I have been gardening or something like that where some dust may be involved.

I am about to get a new set of glasses (as I wear them for reading purposes) and have been scripted for a slightly stronger lens. I have found it a bit of a strain when working at the computer each day. The optician has suggested that I wear glasses all of the time and that the lens should be multi functional. This is protection for that ONE and only asset and multi so I do not have to keep taking them off and putting them back on. Makes sense!

So I might just go for a daring, bright, crazy, stunning set of frames!! I might, I am not sure, I just might …why not? I mean if you have to wear them all of the time, then why not? I might…I will let you know!

Reprinted with permission from Mike Murray. You may link to this story, but please do not copy or otherwise circulate.

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