God saved and kept me this way!-Marilize

God saved and kept me this way!-Marilize

ekkeAt the tender age of 18 months I was diagnosed with Retinablastoma, and my right eye was removed. I only received my first eye when I went to school at the age of 6.

As a child I was severely ridiculed and called names such as Pop Eye, which made me very shy and withdrawn…that lasted until a few years ago when I came to terms with who and what I am.
After the operation to remove my eye and the radio therapy my parents were told that I might have only 6 months to live…I turn 52 in a few weeks and live a full life, I did combat shooting, sewing, reading and driving without difficulty. Only as I become older the deteriorating of my left eye is becoming a problem…earlier I had perfect sight in my left eye.
Lately I can talk freely about what happened to my eye, but in the past was very ill informed and did not know all it involved.
All these years I have been told that I have been prayed off God and that is what kept me going when times got tough. It strengthen my faith and the fact that I have a purpose to live for.
I want to quote what one of the other story writers said: “baby, I have been born this way” and want to add: God saved and kept me this way!!

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