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New Artificial Eye Clinic Opens in Timor

I’m thrilled to announce that the new artificial eye clinic has just been officially opened in Timor by the President Jose′ Ramos-Horta. I remember back in February 2008 I was about to fly out to Timor-Leste to start this clinic when President Jose′ Ramos-Horta was shot in an assassination attempt. It was a devastating time and thankfully […]

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Where Bionic Eye Research Is Up To?

We get a lot of questions about bionic eye technology and where the research is up to. The short answer is that it is still very early days. There are at least fourteen separate visual prosthesis projects operating around the world.  Most are in their early stages of development. Here is an overview of what […]

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Where Do You Find Braille Jewellery?

We’ve recently come across an interesting website that sells custom made jewellery for people with vision impairment. The website showcases the work of artist and jewellery designer, Kelly Fehr. Kelly made her first piece of braille jewellery for her niece Emily who is blind. Kelly then realised there were probably a lot more people out […]

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New Book On Eye Loss & Recovery

We often hear people say, “The surgeon told me that he couldn’t save my eye.  I can’t remember anything he said after that.” It’s such a shame that at the very moment people need comforting information they’re often too emotional to take it in. This was the reason we decided to produce a book. Our […]

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Playing Sport After Eye Loss

This week we launched a new project called Your Story in Words and Pictures. There is a new button on our home page where people can share their story of eye loss with others. You can even upload a photo of yourself if you like. We have just had our first story submitted and I […]

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Hitting The Water With An Artificial Eye

People often ask me how they should care for their artificial eye when swimming. I think it’s ideal to wear goggles while doing laps or for more vigorous water activities.   However, goggles won’t help if you’re diving into water or waterskiing. For these activities I recommend closing the eyes tightly when hitting the water […]

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Are Safety Glasses Really So Uncool?

I’ve recently attended a conference on Ocular Trauma where Dimitri Yellachich spoke about Trauma on the Battlefield. During the Crimean war eye injuries made up 0.6% of total injuries.  Back in those days the battles were fought at close range.  Soldiers wore a lot of protective gear. In the Iraq war eye injuries made up 13% of […]

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Optometrists to Boost Darwin Eye Clinic

I’ve just returned from my regular artificial eye clinic in Darwin.  The rain bucketed down.  The days were steamy and slow.  Several people who had booked in for new eyes didn’t show up. I had plenty of time for playing songs on my new ukulele! I do expect that the next clinic will be incredibly busy.  I […]

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East Timor Artificial Eye Clinic

This year I did my first clinic in East Timor. The logistical difficulties of setting up the clinic were immense. Although I arrived with no expectations I certainly under estimated how tough it was going to be. The communication was my biggest challenge. There are four languages spoken and english is the least common. Many […]

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