New Book On Eye Loss & Recovery

We often hear people say, “The surgeon told me that he couldn’t save my eye.  I can’t remember anything he said after that.”

It’s such a shame that at the very moment people need comforting information they’re often too emotional to take it in.

This was the reason we decided to produce a book.

Our original intention was to create a resource surgeons could leave with their patients.

We felt that maybe later, when the shock had passed, people might then have something to help calm their fears for the future.

A Different PerspectiveThis is why we’re so excited to be launching our new book “A Different Perspective – Your Guide to Eye Loss & Recovery”.

We’ve designed this book to give a positive overview of the eye loss recovery process.

It includes several stories from people who have lost an eye as a result of an illness or injury.

The book also includes tips on adapting to a change in depth perception in situations like driving, dining out and playing sport.

We set out to create a really friendly book that was as comforting as it was useful.

From our clinic feedback it seems this has been achieved.

Last week one client told us, “This book saved my life.”

That comment alone makes me feel that the whole project has been worthwhile.

A Different Perspective – Your Guide to Eye Loss & Recovery” is available as a downloadable $10 ebook or as an $18 paperback.

Click to order your copy: Bookstore.

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