Where Do You Find Braille Jewellery?

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.57.37 AMWe’ve recently come across an interesting website that sells custom made jewellery for people with vision impairment.

The website showcases the work of artist and jewellery designer, Kelly Fehr. Kelly made her first piece of braille jewellery for her niece Emily who is blind.

Kelly then realised there were probably a lot more people out there who would also be interested in braille jewellery.

We came to know about the website through the family of one of our very young clients.

She has some vision now but faces the risk of losing that vision in the future.

Her family are teaching her some braille and they found the website while researching resources online.

They’ve had a little bracelet made with our client’s name in braille letters.

We thought that was such a lovely thing – it’s beautiful and useful and a positive way to address an uncertain future.

I recommend you check out Kelly’s website Jewelry in Braille.

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