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Dubai artificial eyes update December 2010

After twenty years of practicing my trade as an ocularist in Australia I have branched out and have been consulting in Dubai for the past two year. I consult at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai which is located at Dubai Healthcare city. Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai is a branch of Moorfields London. Moorfields London was founded […]

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Prosthetic eye gives teenager reason to smile

Al Jedeili brought to an eye hospital in Dubai for procedure after Israeli strike on Gaza home inflicts injury. By Dina Aboul Hosn, Staff Reporter Published: 00:00 October 2, 2010 Dubai: When Palestinian teenager Abdul Hadi Al Jedeili lost his eye in an Israeli strike on his Gaza home in 2009, he thought he’d never […]

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Monocular vision book “A One-Eyed View Of Life”

The best resource I have seen for the newly monocular is a book written by Terry Spring called “A One-Eyed View of Life”. Terry brain stormed the challenges faced by people living with monocular vision with the group “Cyclops Circle”. This book will help you deal with the challenges of work, sports, driving and just […]

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Implications of Acquired Monocular Vision (loss of one eye)

Dr Thomas Politzer has written an interesting article for the NORA (Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association). The article is titled Implications of Acquired Monocular Vision (loss of one eye) The article makes interesting reading for people who are adjusting to monocular vision. It also helps to educate others about the challenges for people with monocular vision. I find the information […]

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The Members of the Ocularists Association of Australia invite International ocularists and their partners to Sydney to attend a Lecture/Dinner and Harbour cruise. The Ocularists Association of Australia was founded on the 20th October 2001 as a way to ensure a high standard of patient care and service for artificial eye recipients in Australia.   We look forward […]

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Monocular Society

Through this site I try to provide relevant information and useful links to help people navigate through the maze that is the internet. I was fortunate to come across a new site which has been put together by Dave who will share information and answer any questions you may have based on his 40+ years […]

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Prosthetic eyes, Product or Service?

  I would define a “primary artificial eye” as the artificial eye fitted post operatively when someone has had an eye removed. At the recent Ocularists Association of Australia meeting the issue of item numbers for health insurance companies was debated. To keep things simple we want to define the products and services we provide […]

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Prosthetic eyes. Australian health insurance item numbers.

We’ve just come back from another interesting meeting of the Ocularist Association of Australia. At the meeting we discussed the development of a universal item number for artificial eyes. With the current system in Australia artificial eyes are covered by most health insurance companies as an ancillary benefit. This is similar to dental and optical […]

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