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Eye Will Survive – Debbie Atkinson’s story

Our last blog – – What Can I Say? was written by guest blogger Debbie Atkinson. I feel so pleased to have come across Debbie Atkinson’s story.  As well as writing about her experiences with Debbie has also given permission to link to her website and her own eye loss story, Eye Will Survive. Debbie […]

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When one eye is better than two

When clients visit me for the first time I will generally show them the “Adjusting and Adapting to eye loss mind map.” When I talk about monocular vision and sport I will often tell the story of James Bonner who played snooker at an international level and on one occasion competed in the Australian Open championship […]

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Artificial Eye Clinic, Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai

This is my seventh visit to Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai to make artificial eyes. Moorfields has an incredibly supportive environment which makes my job uncomplicated and a pleasure. Clients are welcomed to the hospital by friendly and efficient front desk staff who take them through to a comfortable waiting room where they are offered refreshments […]

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Phantom Eye Syndrome

An interesting and not often talked about aspect of having an eye enucleated is Phantom Eye Syndrome. It has been described as a fireworks show with flashes of bright light.  The theory is that when the optic nerve is cut the brain receives irregular impulses and interprets them as flashes of light. The effect varies […]

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Are Safety Glasses Really So Uncool?

I’ve recently attended a conference on Ocular Trauma where Dimitri Yellachich spoke about Trauma on the Battlefield. During the Crimean war eye injuries made up 0.6% of total injuries.  Back in those days the battles were fought at close range.  Soldiers wore a lot of protective gear. In the Iraq war eye injuries made up 13% of […]

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Sanjay’s artificial eye story

We have recently started a section on this website for people’s artificial eye stories. The purpose of this new section  is to attract people from around the world to share their experiences of eye loss. Our first story has been submitted by Sanjay from Dubai. Sanjay has given a lot of thought to this and has highlighted […]

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Improve The Appearance of A Blind Eye

If you have a problem and you visit a surgeon, chances are you will get a surgical solution.  If you visit an ocularist you will probably get an ocularist solution.  An optometrist is likely to offer you a solution from their own tool kit.   People tend to offer solutions from within the range of what […]

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Blind Goal Shooter Matt Steven

In my work as an ocularist I’ve met a lot of blind people. It seems that disability does not limit what people are able to achieve once they set their mind to it.  I was amazed to read about an American basketball goal shooter. Matt Steven liked to hang out with the school basketball team. […]

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Chinese Stem Cells Procedure Restores Sight

I’ve found an article about sight being restored using stem cells.  In a pioneering therapy Chinese doctors implanted stem cells in a child who had been born blind with septo-optic dysplasia. The treatment repaired damage to the optic nerve allowing the child to see people and objects for the first time. There are occasions when […]

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