Conformer Shells Now Available

Over the past three years we’ve been developing a conformer shell which is produced by ocularists to a surgical standard.

 We manufactured the conformer shells to provide an alternative to poor quality, abrasive shells that are being provided to ophthalmologists. The abrasive edge found on lesser quality conformers make them uncomfortable in the eye socket and hinder the healing process.

 The conformers we provide are manufactured to a  surgical standard  with stringent quality control.

The conformer shells are not autoclavable. We recommend sterilization with Ethylene Oxide Gas sterilization or plasma. This is the FDA approved method used to sterilize PMMA Intra ocular lenses.

Single use only.

Conformer shells come in small (22mm x 20mm), medium (25mm x 21mm) and large (27mm x 23mm). Left and right.
When re-ordering sets of six they can be customized to replace your stock as required.

Individual Conformer Shell: $30AUD
Conformer Shell Pair: $60AUD
Set of 6 Conformer Shells: $150AUD

-All prices include tax.
-Domestic and International shipping fees are subject to verification once order is placed.

To place an order please send us an email through our contact page. 


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  2. Avatar for Jeffery Smith Jeffery Smith on December 4, 2013 at 7:58 am

    I am looking for a medium conformer

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