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Debbie AtkinsonWe welcome guest blogger Debbie Atkinson.

“Losteye…..what can I say??

I remember researching the procedure of evisceration when I had been told that was the plan.

I was desperate for some insight and to speak with someone who had been through the same.

I just by chance stumbled across Losteye.com after typing in lost eye in the google bar and hey presto along came the lifeline, however I did not know this at the time.

The Editor of this website is Jay Adkisson from South Carolina USA, who himself is monocular following a diagnosis of choroidal melanoma.

He set up the site to give information and support to those who have recently lost an eye, or who may lose an eye due to surgery, disease, etc.

The part which I found, and still do find the most helpful is the discussion forum.

Here you will meet some of the most wonderful awe inspiring people you will ever have the priviledge to meet.

You can talk about any concerns you may have and you will receive almost immediate advice.  This will be honest and from people who have been in your exact position so know what they are talking about.

You can also have a bit of fun on there too, with the moolah lounge where you can have some great lighthearted discussions.

Many a time I found myself sitting up at 2am, scared witless or upset at what someone had said that day or just wanting some sort of comfort.  I’d  find some great people on Losteye.com who would always always make me feel a hundred times better.

The site helped me move on and realise how lucky I actually was.  If it wasn’t for Losteye.com I dare say would have crumpled and heaven knows where I would be now.

I will advise anyone who has lost an eye, going for surgery to remove an eye or is a relative of someone losing an eye, check out Losteye.com and join to the family…..you will never want to leave.”

Debbie Atkinson


  1. Avatar for Maureen Boncey Maureen Boncey on January 13, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Without the support of the knowledgeable people on L/E I certainly would have been lost as to the next step in my recovery. So many had gone through the same diagnosis and knew what advice to give. I bless my L/E friends every day.

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