Artificial Eyes in Bali – John Fawcett Foundation

I just spent the last eight days in Bali where I trained two people in the techniques for making artificial eyes. 

I was invited there as a guest of the John Fawcett Foundation.  John Fawcett is a West Australian who moved to Bali in 1991 and saw a need to address the preventable blindness that is prevalent among the local people.

John Fawcett achieved this by creating a wonderful environment for operations to be done as well as organising the specialists to come to Bali and train local people. 

To date they have conducted twenty-seven thousand cataract operations.  This week we made artificial eyes for people from young children to elderly folk.

The foundation runs out-reach clinics, organises visiting specialists and trains local people in all aspects of the running of the foundation.

Please click on the link to make a donation or to find out more about the John Fawcett Foundation

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  1. Avatar for Christopher Kunaratnam Christopher Kunaratnam on November 14, 2008 at 8:03 am


    I have an artificial eye for the past 18 years due to a car accident.

    I noticed in Malaysia,there are not too many experts on this.It is very limited and I had change my eye for the 4 time and each time, it turn out to be different in looks compared to the initial stage.

    Do you have a centre in Malaysia to refer to? Thanks/Chris

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