Seattle, Washington – Custom Ocular Prosthetics

Seattle, Washington – Custom Ocular Prosthetics

Custom Ocular Prosthetics

Custom Ocular Prosthetics have been successfully fitting and manufacturing prosthetic eyes for 50 years in Seattle Anchorage and Fairbanks. They hold 2 US Patents on their technology. The processes they use allow them to create perfect color matching of your prosthetic eye.

“At Custom Ocular Prosthetics patient satisfaction is not just our goal, it is our mission.”

Greg Sankey,Licensed Ocularist
Greg Sankey was one of the youngest ocularists ever to b…[more]

Brian Koceski, Apprentice Ocularist/Office Manager
Brian has worked for and with Greg for nearly 10 years. W…[more]

Angela Sankey, Apprentice Ocularist
Angela works part-time in the lab while she finishes her d…[more]


Custom Ocular Prosthetics
10212 5th Avenue NE, Suite 210
Seattle, WA 98125-7471

Telephone: (206) 522-4222
Facsimile (fax): (206) 525-1496

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