Nablus-Fuad Saify

Nablus-Fuad Saify

An-Noor eye center-
Arab expertise hospital
Rafedia Street
Nablus- Palestine

Telephone: 09-2344317
Fax: 09-2344319
Mobile: +972599939130

Fuad Saify is an Ocularist based in Nablus, Palestine. He has extensive ocular prosthetics expertise in all aspects of making and fitting prosthetic eyes from his training in UK by (Ocular Prosthetics Dept, Moorfields Eye Hospital), and Jordan by Ocularist Yahiya Khraisat and training diploma in Jordan universities. He has experience  in prosthesis training with the Arab team for ocular prosthesis.

Fuad graduated from An-Najah National University with bachelor degree in optometry. He is a chief optometrist on An-Noor eye center in Expertise Arab hospital and one of the founding members of the Scientific Society of Optometry.

In addition, Fuad has extensive training  in keratoconus, GP lens fitting, intacs operation and pentacam tomography.



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