Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Sunway Medical Centre Eye Clinic

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Sunway Medical Centre Eye Clinic

About Sunway Medical Centre
Sunway Medical Centre offers comprehensive range of medical services that includes facilities and medical technologies for outpatient and in-patient speciality care, health & wellness promotion, and 24-hour emergency services. These are all supported by professional clinical expertise, advanced medical technology as well as trained and dedicated nursing staff.

Also included in Sunway Medical’s range of services is the range of services that form Sunway Medical’s Centres of Excellence.

About Sunway Eye Clinic
The Centres of Excellence include a large Ophthalmology Department with a specialist artificial eye clinic.

This clinic offers a premium artificial eye service to the people of Malaysia and surrounding regions. Patients are offered the most advanced technology in artificial eyes as well as a package of education and follow up consultations.


Peter Knowles

Mr Peter T Knowles has extensive ocular prosthetics expertise from his training in UK, Canada, US and Australia.

Peter has more than 20 years experience in Custom Prosthetic Eyes servicing the major hospitals and Women and Children’s Hospital in South Australia. He practices at the Adelaide Artificial Eye & Body Prostheses Clinic in North Adelaide, South Australia. Peter is a Visiting Consultant Ocularist at Sunway Medical Centre, Malaysia.

Ocularists Association of Australia
Peter is a founding member of the Ocularist Association of Australia and currently the President of the Association, as well as holding the position of Oral & Maxillofacial Body Prosthetist with the South Australian Northern regional Health Department. Peter has been involved in research programmes and trials to develop and improve all aspects of Ocular Prosthetic services.

For outpatient appointments please call +60 3-7491 9191 or for further information please contact Sister Ong at the Eye Clinic.


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Sunway Medical Centre Bhd
5 Jalan Lagoon Selatan,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.


Telephone: +60 3-7491 9191
Fax: +60 3-7491 8181
Email: smc@sunway.com.my

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