Athens, Greece – Sankey International

Athens, Greece – Sankey International

Sankey International, Greece

Sankey International has been established and operating in Greece for the last 20 years. The Company has its headquarters in Athens due to its strategic geographical position, in order to offer their services to Europe, the Mediterranean  and Middle East. Their technology expertise and education derives from Custom Ocular Prosthetics, a company operating in Seattle, USA for the last 45 years.

Sankey International has been participating in all the ophthalmologic conventions in Greece. Their presentations include lectures related to our profession, at the Greek Medical University for Ophthalmologists. The company exclusively sponsors the Greek Oculoplastic Society of Greece. They are team members with the Greek Craniofacial center. In Greece, their team includes two fully trained Ocularists, three apprentices and staff.

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Sankey International Acharnon
17 St., 14561, Kifisia Athens,
14561, Greece
Phone: +210-808-3584

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