When one eye is better than two

Artificial Eyes and Sports

Artificial Eyes and Sports

When clients visit me for the first time I will generally show them the “Adjusting and Adapting to eye loss mind map.” When I talk about monocular vision and sport I will often tell the story of James Bonner who played snooker at an international level and on one occasion competed in the Australian Open championship match against a competitor who also wore an artificial eye.
With target sports like snooker and shooting it is an advantage to have monocular vision. It helps with the alignment of the shot. With bilateral vision our brain does a clever trick by turning the two images we receive into one. We are infact deceiving ourselves. With monocular vision you are actually seeing things as they are.
James tells his story a whole lot better than I do and he has contributed his story to this site. You can see his story here .

Thank you James for your story. If you have a story that you would like to share we would love to have a look and with your permission share it on this site.

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