Tanya Vlach – #21 grow a new eye

I’ve just finished reading Tanya Vlach’s eye loss story and it is amazing.

Tanya is a gifted and generous writer.  Her words take you into the world of someone coming to terms with an event that changes the self emotionally and physically.

This honest account is a gift to every person who has experienced eye loss.  It is also valuable to those who stand at their side throughout the difficult healing process.

I believe this is also an important piece of writing for ocularists.

We work every day with people who are suffering.  Very few are able to express the complex set of feelings that may be experienced.

This story gives us helpful insight into how things may be for people we work with and grow to care so much about.

I hope we hear a lot more from this talented writer.

Take a few minutes to read #21 grow a new eye.  I recommend it.

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