Sanjay’s artificial eye story

We have recently started a section on this website for people’s artificial eye stories. The purpose of this new section  is to attract people from around the world to share their experiences of eye loss.

Our first story has been submitted by Sanjay from Dubai. Sanjay has given a lot of thought to this and has highlighted some important aspects to his experience of eye loss. While there are many aspects to Sanjays story that are interesting, the message that I found most powerful was the one below.

“I had to make a decision on the very little option I had, enucleating
of the right eye with orbital implant and cosmetic eye shell. Well it
was painful the very thought of someone amputating a part of your body
although it served no purpose, I think it is extremely difficult to
let go of any part of your body whether functional or not.”

The decision to have an eye enucleated is such a difficult one. You hear stories in the media every day about medical breakthroughs and the decision to have the eye removed is so final. Even when you know it may be the right thing to do it is still a huge decision to make.

You can read Sanjay’s story here.

Thank you Sanjay for your story. If you have a story you would like to share please send it through via the contact page below.

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