Launch of Artificial Eye Stories

Stories are powerful things. They can be as helpful to the writer as they to the reader of the tale.

To write down your story of eye loss means that your brain needs to move the event from the emotional experience storage area to another part of your brain that arranges words. This is why people often report feeling better when they have written down their feelings. It is a powerful healing step.

For people who are about to lose an eye, stories can be proof that life goes on. Through others’ stories people see that eye loss is not the end of your life. You drive, you work, you play, you marry, you have children – you can continue to have a good life despite this set back.

For people who have had an artificial eye their whole lives these stories are also of benefit. We often meet people who have never met any one else who has lost an eye. Through stories, people can meet one another and a life long feeling of isolation can dissolve in an instant.

Today we have great pleasure in launching the first in this set of international stories. Our thanks to Sanjay in Dubai for his wonderful story. Read Sanjay’s stories here: Artificial Eye Stories.

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  1. Avatar for Richard Vobes Richard Vobes on August 30, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    I am about to make that decision to have my eye removed after nearly three years tryingt o save the eye from a nasty bug that has eaten my cornea and will not go.

    I am putting my faith and trust in Moorfields eye hospital in London and I will definitely report back as to how things go when it happens.

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