Conformer Shells

This site was created to showcase a new range of conformer shells which were developed by Ocularists Paul Geelen and Jenny Geelen (

What is a conformer shell?

After eye removal surgery (Enucleation/ Evisceration), a clear plastic lens (conformer Shell) is fitted to hold the shape of the eye socket and allow the eye lids to blink over the shell without rubbing on the suture line. The conformer shell will remain in situ for six to eight weeks while the eye socket heals and swelling subsides.

A full summary of an Enucleation,  the fitting of an orbital implant and conformer shell can be seen here


Conformer shells have not changed in 20 years despite the changes in orbital implants. These new conformer shells are more curved to go over the larger implants. This reduces the incidents of conjunctival dehiscence and implant extrusion.

All conformer shells are processed by Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilization. This is the FDA approved method used to sterilize PMMA intra ocular lenses.

Conformer shells are double bagged.

Note: PMMA conformer shells are not autoclavable

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