Playing Sport After Eye Loss

This week we launched a new project called Your Story in Words and Pictures. There is a new button on our home page where people can share their story of eye loss with others. You can even upload a photo of yourself if you like. We have just had our first story submitted and I…

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Fred Harwin’s Children’s Booklet

Whilst researching American ocularist and artist Fred Harwin, I came across an interesting children’s article to make it easier for kids to understand the process of making an artificial eye. Not only did it use simple language, but it included puzzles, colouring in and cut & paste activities to make the article engaging and exciting.…

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Live Your Dream

Imagine you are seven years years old.  You are lying in a hospital with both eyes bandaged.  You will lose one eye.  You might lose your sight entirely.  Your mother is very distressed. A visitor comes to see you.  She is a little girl who has lost an eye.  You never get to see her…

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Tanya Vlach – #21 grow a new eye

I’ve just finished reading Tanya Vlach’s eye loss story and it is amazing. Tanya is a gifted and generous writer.  Her words take you into the world of someone coming to terms with an event that changes the self emotionally and physically. This honest account is a gift to every person who has experienced eye…

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Launch of Artificial Eye Stories

Stories are powerful things. They can be as helpful to the writer as they to the reader of the tale. To write down your story of eye loss means that your brain needs to move the event from the emotional experience storage area to another part of your brain that arranges words. This is why…

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